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Tecno Tecno Camon CX...
by Abolarin Stephen
Tecno Tecno Camon CX...
by Abolarin Stephen

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Chilly and dry fruit cutter

  • Product Location: Lagos Mainland
  • Delivers to: Lagos Mainland by 02 Apr, 2020
  • Color: White
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Product Descriptions

Just like its name, the use of the chilli cutter is to spare the people who are cutting the chilli from misery- the burning sensation caused. Our invention works just like a paper cutter. Not only is it able to slice many chillies at a time, it also minimizes contact with the chilli, killing 2 birds with a stone. Problems while cutting the chilli with hand: 1. Risk of knife cutting you 2.Takes time to cut the chilli manually 3. Experiences a burning sensation and is annoying if you you touch your face,eyes etc chilli cutter is specially design to assist people who have difficulties cutting chilli. Anyone can use it. It is SIMPLE, EFFICIENT, and not CUMBERSOME since you do not even feel the burning sensation as you do not have contact with the capsaicin. Catering to the young and old, this magnificent product helps inexperienced people and even people who want to avoid experiencing the unbearable burning sensation of the chillies.
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